JesiLyn was born in Charlotte, NC and although she moved away as a child, came back once when grew up because of her love for the big city life! She has loved performing since a young age, starting out in cheerleading and some gymnastics through college.  After finishing school and starting adult life, she still desired to be active again and eventually fell in love with Olympic weightlifting and become a nationally ranked athlete.   JesiLyn discovered the aerial arts in 2015 when she was looking to add some fun accessory work to her training, and quickly fell in love with the art of aerial.  She loves being able to combine her natural strength with her love of performing to create character based aerial acts.  Working with a private acting coach has helped bring life to her performances in the air.  Her spirit apparatus is the  lyra (aerial hoop) with a calling towards work that touches dark subjects with a bit of a sexy flare.


Photo Cred: Second Star Creative

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