A creative producer & performer from the mid Atlantic region of the US, I have made the larger World my home. As founder of the Spectacle & Mirth production haus, I’ve built immersive projects like the internationally award winning cabaret The Marvelous Mechanical Music Maiden, The GlamourHobo Field Notes storytelling podcast, and regional arts festivals, Shenandoah Fringe & Richmond Fringe. An overly complicated Venn Diagram of adjacent identities, I tour the world, tell stories, and play wearable musical inventions. This vaudevillian loves to sing too loud, smash class structures, and wear grand hats.

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Since her first warehouse party at 18 years old, dance music has been April Lowe’s heart, soul, and the blood in her veins. Countless nights on the dance floor, endless listening (often on repeat), along with being surrounded by DJs and writers of electronic music built a solid foundation of knowledge that is continuously expanding. Especially now that she has immersed and devoted herself to the art of DJing the music that gives her life.

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Bakery of sweet ideas

What is SWIRL?

We’re the world’s first Made-to-Order Cupcake Shop where the cupcakes are assembled as you order and completely customizable. With six flavors of cake, eight frostings, and dozens of toppings… you’re guaranteed a cupcake as unique and delicious as you are. We also offer customizable ice cream options and assorted fresh baked cookies only available at SWIRL. At this point, we’re best summed up as a “test bakery” of sweet idea’s and our goal is to keep baking until everyone loves us.

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Karol Helms

Karol Helms is a Charlotte, NC native who was a pioneer in the early days of the pole dance fitness movement. On stage for 15 years, she is a world renowned pole dance legend who has travelled the world performing on stage, judging pole dance competitions, and sharing her craft through classes and workshops geared toward pole enthusiasts of all levels. She is known for her sexy, sassy pole dance style on stage and for her quirky, down to earth personality off stage.

Karol teaches at Inner Diva Fitness in Charlotte, NC and produced the queen city’s first pole dance and aerial show called Odd Ones Out. When she’s not traveling, Karol performs locally as “the pole girl” at many local produced shows.

US Pole Dance Federation 2012 Pro National Championships – 3rd Place
USPDF Pro National Championships 2011 – 4th Place
USPDF 2010 Pro National Championships – “Miss Sexy” 2nd Place
USPDF 2009 East Coast Regionals Championships – 1st Place
Poleapalooza Charlotte 2008 – 1st Place



Firuza / Roses of the Realm

Dance has taken over Firuza’s life in all the best ways. Over 15 years ago, she took a single bellydance class at a local YMCA, and the obsession has grown ever since then. Her favorite dances have an edge of danger, particularly sword-balancing and fire-dancing.

Performing with the Roses of the Realm is a dream come true for Firuza, and she looks forward every year to “gypsy bootcamp” and bringing a smile to festival-goers’ faces.

Currently, Firuza teaches belly dance classes in Salisbury, NC. Her classes focus on encouraging dancers to express themselves. She believes that this dance is for everyone – all shapes and sizes. Firuza previously performed with Nayna’s Raq-A-Bellas troupe and Fatima’s Rhythmic Essence troupe.


Photo Cred: Robert Schade