Kathleen McNamara

Stemming from a deep love of dance, Kathleen picked up her first flow prop in 2013 and found passion in the movement arts. Her beginnings as a self-taught flow artist led her to hosting local flow jams to bring together the local community. She quickly became a liaison for visiting instructors hosting workshops in the Charlotte area and became a student herself. Throughout this time, Kathleen found a love for the fire arts and took on a Lead role as a performance coordinator for Conclave at Ignite! regional burn in 2016 and will be returning for her 4th year in 2022. She currently performs with her troupe Queen City Cirque in Charlotte, NC as well as a solo artist. Kathleen’s connection with music and flow is embodied through her fluid movements and dynamic skill. With Fire and lights, she creates unforgettable visuals that draw spectators deeper into their experience.



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