Danielle Nichole, also known as SunFLOWer, is an experienced flow artist with multiple props including fire manipulation, based out of Charlotte, NC. SunFLOWer is a part of two flow troupes in North Carolina. She is the founder of Metamorphosis Movement located in Charlotte, North Carolina and is a performing artist for The FlowGrowth located in Asheville, NC. SunFLOWer has performed for artist such as: Yheti, Toadface, Mt Analogue, Kirby Bright, Zeplinn, The Trifinity, has done events with Satarah, The FlowGrowth, Metamorphosis Movement, and is doing an event with The Pagan Path located at Reidsville, NC for Beltane. SunFLOWer is sponsored by WowSoZen, Utopia Artistry, and GloFX festival wear and flow props. She specializes in fire manipulation, hula hoops, silk fans, dance, and pixel / GloFX whip. The years of her flow journey have made her performance style unique, creative, and always ready for new things.

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