Constance Boahn

Constance is a proud member of GRITS (that’s girls raised in the south for y’all who don’t know). She was born in Charlotte, NC and currently lives in the triangle. She has been performing publicly since 2017, including the final three SparkCon CircusSpark shows, Carolina Circus Festival for the last two years, and many festivals as a performer for Imagine Circus. This is her first Bloom performance. She is also the owner of Ambition Aerial Arts, an aerial studio in southern Wake county, where the motto is “Today is your day to learn how to fly!”. Constance will be ascending into flight in honor of all of the female pilots that have paved the way for us today! Photo by Jenn McKinney Photography.

@eat_sleep_aerial_repeat (instagram)

@ambitionaerial (instagram, studio account)

@ambitionaerial (tiktok)

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