Performer Frequently Asked Questions & Information

I have questions where should I go? Please review our form and questions below first. If they still aren’t answered please email us at Please allow 24 to 48 hours for us to answer. 

We DO NOT answer emails or questions during studio or class time regarding the festival unless you have a private lesson. Ask all the questions than during your private time. Otherwise, this is precious time for our students.

Important contacts and how to get in touch:

Satya – Co-Creator:

Sarah – Co-Creator:

April – DJ:

Kelly – Volunteer Coordinator:

Where is the venue? 

The venue is Blackbox: 421 E Sugar Creek Rd, Charlotte, NC 28213

When should I be there? 

You will receive an email that lists the time that you should be there by mid-June. 

Can I get ready at the venue? 

There is not much space or good lighting to do makeup and hair at the venue. Please come as prepared as possible, unless you’re hiring a makeup or hair artist to do it at the venue. 

Where do I park? 

There is a parking lot behind the venue that is open for performers. We will send out a photo in the email with your times and specific info. 

Who do I check with when I get to the venue?

You will see volunteers at the front door that will be able to check you in and send you to the greenroom.

Do I have to pay for the show I am performing in? 

You do NOT have to pay for the show you are performing in. Y

Do I get in free to other shows? 

Yes, you will get in free to the other show. Please continue to wear your badges. They will be your ticket in the doors as well as to the green room and backstage. Do not lose your badge.

Do I get a plus one?

Unfortunately, there will not be any plus ones but we do need volunteers so if you have someone that would like to help out, have them email

Will there be video? 

There will be videos of each piece, available for purchase after the show. 

Will there be images?  

There will be photos of each piece, available for purchase after the show. 

What do I do if I don’t want photos or videos taken of me?

Please email us at by June 15th so that we can let the videographer and photographers know not to get any photos/video of you. If you are in a group performance, this will mean there will be no video or photos of your group either.

What is the dress code for performing?

During the family friendly show, your costume must also be family friendly. During the adult only show, you just need your bits covered (crotch, nips and crack). Otherwise, we get in trouble and no one wants that. 

What is the dress code while not performing?

Shoes must be worn while not performing. This is a venue that has had its fair share of broken bottles on the floor. We also recommend wearing a cover up before your piece so that your costume is a surprise once you take the stage. 

Will there be a curtain call? 

You will not be required to be at curtain call. When we have one, it is very informal and mainly just a photo op and good cathartic cry opportunity.

Do I need to be insured to perform?

You only need to be insured if you are a fire performer, and you will need to get COIs with 4 different entities listed:

City of Charlotte

600 East 4th Street
Charlotte, NC 28202

Satarah Productions

6150 Old Pineville Rd
Charlotte, NC 28217

Tilyard & Associates Inc.

6405 Vernedale Rd
Charlotte, NC 28212

Black Box

421 E Sugar Creek Rd
Charlotte, NC 28213

Do I need to provide anything else as a fire performer?

Yes, the City of Charlotte now requires:

  • Explanation of the performance including props being used, types of flammable/combustible fuels and acts of the performers.
  • Credentials/resume of the performers.

Please get us these no later than 6/15.

How large is the stage? 

20’ deep by 32’ wide

Can I provide lighting cues?

Yes, we will be sending out a lighting cue form. This will mainly just be fade-ins/outs and color themes. 

As an aerialist, what apparatus will be provided for me?

  • 34″ tapeless, tabless black lyra
  • 36″ tapeless, tabless stainless steel lyra
  • 38″ tapeless, tabless teal lyra rigged with silks
  • 23″ aerial animals trapeze (hollow steel bar, purple elbows, black cabled 8′ ropes) hung as single point
  • 25″ Don Carson dance trapeze(carbon fiber bar, 18′ white cotton, uncabled ropes) hung as single point
  • 10′ burgundy nylon material double loops
  • Silks: black, lime green, lavender

As an aerialist, will I have a mat? What size?

Available mats: black panel mat or purple 4’X8’X8″ crash mat

As an aerialist, who do I tell how high I want my apparatus?

This should have been entered in your info form but we will have a very quick moment on stage before the show where you can speak to the people rigging. 

If I’m doing fire, do I need to bring my own safety?

We recommend bringing your own safety who knows you, your props, and how to safety you the most effectively. If you don’t have one, please let us know by June 30th and we will assign a safety to you. It is your responsibility to meet with your safety beforehand to discuss specifics.

Will there be a fire safety meeting for fire?

We will have a quick fire safety meeting prior to the adults-only show.