Performer Email Information

Hi performers!! 

I hope you’re feeling ready and excited for the shows!!! We can’t wait to see you light up the Bloom stage again this year. As always, we appreciate the time and love you put into this event every year! Included in this email will be photos with the stage and the postable line ups.

Please read the ENTIRE email carefully, as it contains all of the information you will need for the event. 

If you still have questions, DO NOT REPLY HERE, but send a separate email, please. ( Or post in the Band.


We still haven’t received waivers from some people. Please, if you haven’t filled out your waivers or have people in your group who haven’t, get them taken care of ASAP! If you are not comfortable with photos/videos being taken of you or released, there is an option on the release form that says that you do not agree. Please don’t skip it!


Lighting Form:

We have created a lighting form for you to fill out for our lighting tech. We are not able to promise many lighting transition changes, but we can request the colors, fade ins/outs, strobe and blackouts that you’d like. If you do not submit a form, the lighting tech will choose your lights for you. Please fill it out by 7/18 if you are requesting specific lighting.


We will be holding a silent auction to help raise funds for The Arts Empowerment Project. This will be done digitally and we are so excited for all of the amazing items our auction master, Laura, has collected!

Links to Marketing/Tickets:


FB Event

Marketing Images



Please wear your badge at all times when not on the stage. Our venue staff will ask you to leave if you’re not wearing a badge/lanyard. Thanks!

Arriving at the venue:

  • When you arrive, please check in at the ticket booth and receive your lanyard. You will NOT be allowed into the dressing room or backstage without your lanyard, so keep it on you at all times. You will hand it off to the stage team when you’re walking on stage.
  • No one will be allowed into the venue except performers, volunteers, vendors and staff, until doors open. 
  • Performers should not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol prior to performing. Our event insurance won’t cover any occurrences if there are intoxicants involved.
  • Please be STAGE READY when arriving. Our greenroom will not have great light or enough mirrors for everyone. It is simply a space to keep your items. We will have security to ensure your things are safe, but please try not to leave your valuables unattended (don’t bring them if you can help it). 
    • When your show is over, please clean up after yourself. Throw away all garbage and remove personal belongings. 
    • We will have snacks and beverages available in the greenroom. 
    • There will be a food truck stationed outside of the patio, which will be open from 3pm-9pm , so grab your food then!
    • There are bathrooms only available to performers, venue staff, and volunteers.
  • The stage and greenroom are on separate sides of the building, please bring a cover up to hide your costume as you’re walking through. And PLEASE WEAR SHOES when you’re moving from the green room to the stage room.
  • Please line up on the ramp 3 performances before you go on. When each show starts, the first 3 performers should be lined up and ready to go.
  • MASKS REQUIRED!!! We are still in a pandemic and we definitely will have several immunocompromised people on site, so we would appreciate if you wear face coverings when not on stage. 


  • There will be a volunteer in the parking lot helping guide cars to proper parking spaces.
  • Please, DO NOT park across the street at the Asian Corner Mall. They will boot your car. We are not responsible for towing/booting/ticket expenses. If you park anywhere but the designated parking areas, you do so at your own risk.
  • If you don’t mind walking, you can park in the parking deck for the light rail, or the parking lot behind the venue. 


  • There will be a videographer recording your pieces and they will be available for purchase after Bloom. We will make a post in the Band when the videographer is ready to take orders.  
  • There will be photographers at the event, and those photos will also be available after the shows. We will collect links as they finish their editing and post them into the Band. Please be patient. Edits take time.
  • If you have friends/family joining who plan to take pictures and videos, please let them know NO FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY!!!

Watching other shows:

  • This year, as a performer, you are able to watch all shows as a general spectator, but we have given you the discount code for VIP tickets:
    • Please purchase your VIP separately from any other VIP or ticket purchase.
  • If you are watching other performances in your show, please leave seating for older people and others who are not performing. And please keep on your coverup or change clothes. 

Pre-Show information:

Prep Rundown from Laura

Laura Myers (who has performed in Bloom many times before) has written up a great Bloom prep message for anyone interested. This is great info, especially for those newer to performing. 

Tech Schedule (rigging set up):

Wednesday, July 20 | 6:30-9pm

Aerialists, the tech time is mostly for you to come set up your apparatus at the proper height. We will not be running through any routines. Each performer will be allotted up to 7 minutes to figure out the height of their apparatus.  Please note that we will be using a pulley system for your apparatus. We realize a lot of you are coming in from out of town and will need to join us Saturday morning. For those of you joining Saturday morning, please arrive at 10am. We will go until 12pm.

Stage and Rigging:

  • Stage size: 20’X32’
  • Hard apparatus: 19’ to truss
  • Silks height” 24’ to truss, so approx 22’ of usable space. 
  • Entry: Stage Left, but also access points on Stage Right and Upstage Center
  • Aerialists: the gear you will need to supply if you’re bringing your own apparatus
    • Your rated apparatus 
    • Straps associated with your apparatus (not for rigging, but for use with your apparatus- like the strap that directly connects to your lyra)
    • Rated hardware:
      • Single point trapeze – bear claw, carabiner/swivel/carabinerX2
      • Silks –  rescue 8
      • Double point lyra – bear claw, carabiner X2

Day of show information:

Saturday, Family Friendly Show:

  • Arrival/Check in time: one hour before your showtime
  • Doors: 1pm
  • Shows: 1:30, 3, 4:30
  • Runtime: each show is approx 1 hr
  • Show ends: 5:30pm
  • We will have a non-mandatory curtain call for Family Friendly at approximately 6:30. 

Saturday, Adults Only Show:

  • Arrival/Check in time: one hour before your showtime
  • Doors: 7:00
  • Show: 7:30, 8:45, 10p, 11:15
  • Runtime: each show is approx 1 hr
  • Show ends: 12:30a
  • We will have a non-mandatory curtain call for Adult Only at approximately 12:30am. 
  • After the show ends, there will be a little dance party to celebrate. 

Backstage/venue information and rules:

  • No outside beverages (except a water bottle), no outside alcohol, and no drugs. 
  • No one is allowed backstage that isn’t performing or volunteering for the show. If we catch you with someone who doesn’t belong back there, we will ask you and that person to leave the venue immediately. 
  • We will provide snacks and beverages backstage for performers and volunteers.
  • Backstage specific info:
    • There is only one entry and exit to the backstage area and that is the ramp on stage left. If you’re entering from stage right, you’ll still have to enter the ramp to get to stage right. 
    • The green room and the stage are on opposite sides of the building. 
    • Video Walkthrough



  • We will have multiple photographers. It will likely take time to receive photos.
  • If you have any issues with any images, please email us at with which images you’d like removed from the album. 
  • Please do not make decisions or communicate with the photographers about other people’s images. Everyone has their autonomy in regard to their images. Everyone will have access to them and can make their own decisions. 
  • Please tag your images with the name of the photographer that took them. 


  • We will have a videographer that will be recording on two cameras. These videos will be available for purchase after the show. 
  • More communication will happen as we get information from the videographer. 

Again, thank you all so much for your contribution to Bloom! We could not do it without you and we are so appreciative of your creativity and passion. 

(Satya and Sarah)