Casandra Newkirk

Casandra is an aerialist who has been training in silks and lyra for almost 5 years, and recently added dance trapeze and straps to her list of apparatuses she is interested in! Casandra holds a PhD in Marine Biology and currently works by day as a scientist in a research laboratory at UNC Charlotte. She has a passion for teaching aerial as well and has been teaching silks at Charlotte Cirque and Dance Center since June! Her hobbies include reading way too many books about mythology, spending time with family and friends, and cuddling her new pup Zeus! Casandra is super excited to perform in her first ever Bloom, and can’t wait to share something special with you all!

Instagram: @killarene13

Kurason Creations

Joshira has been an aerialist for 7 years and trapeze is her main apparatus. She has performed in Bloom twice before and absolutely loved the experience! She uses the name Kurason Creations to honor her Caribbean heritage; Kurason means “heart” in Papiamentu, the language spoken by Curaçao natives. She looks to put her full heart into every performance.

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Untrapt is comprised of Anna & Lauren, who met in 2019 in trapeze class. They decided to join forces in 2020 and give duo work a try. They both share a mutual love of just about all things aerial, dogs, fitness, and spiked seltzer. Anna has previously performed on the trapeze & lyra. Lauren has performed on silks and lyra. This will be their first performance as a duo.

Instagram- drlaureng & anna.banana.aerial

Mystic Tribal

Mystic Tribal was formed in 2018, by instructor/director Kelly Burrell. Kelly has study Belly dance for 11yrs under nurmous teachers Mahsati Janan, Logan Novgrod (Body Lyrics Belly dance), and graduated from Meaghann Lynne’s HSSBD curriculum. Mystic Tribals goal is to find music that touches or makes us feel something and through choreography bring those feelings to life.





Mikhaela Ackerman

Mikhaela Ackerman is a Charlotte, NC area local that has always loved theater and performing. After obtaining her yoga instructor certification back in 2018, she became interested in trying something more unique. Mikhaela discovered aerial arts in late 2019 and began learning silks and lyra. It proved to be an outlet for not only building strength, but also fostering creativity and finding her way back to the stage in a new way. Aerial arts also gave Mikhaela lasting friendships with her newly found community which helped her throughout a turbulent year. Mikhaela is thrilled to make her debut Bloom performance.

Instagram @the.preppy.hippie

Constance Boahn

Constance is a proud member of GRITS (that’s girls raised in the south for y’all who don’t know). She was born in Charlotte, NC and currently lives in the triangle. She has been performing publicly since 2017, including the final three SparkCon CircusSpark shows, Carolina Circus Festival for the last two years, and many festivals as a performer for Imagine Circus. This is her first Bloom performance. She is also the owner of Ambition Aerial Arts, an aerial studio in southern Wake county, where the motto is “Today is your day to learn how to fly!”. Constance will be ascending into flight in honor of all of the female pilots that have paved the way for us today! Photo by Jenn McKinney Photography.

@eat_sleep_aerial_repeat (instagram)

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Maria Acheson

Maria has been practicing aerial arts for about 3 years, she had been searching for a creative outlet and when she found aerial she knew this was it. She began her journey on silks but quickly turned her attention to the magical trapeze. She also practices hammock and Lyra regularly. Over the years she has performed at multiple showcases but performing at Bloom has been a goal of hers and she is so excited to take the stage! When she is not practicing aerial, Maria enjoys traveling and cooking especially when it comes to experimenting with new vegan recipes.

Instagram handle: @fizzandfly

Autumn in October

I started my aerial journey in 2017. I began with silks and about six months into my practice I tried Lyra and absolutely fell in love. I have been collecting bruises in weird places ever since! This is my first Bloom and I am so excited to share this experience with everyone!


Marcus Octavius

VJ, Percussionist, and Entertainer. The “One-Man Band” that is Marcus Octavius has been making hips wiggle and fans smile for 15+ years . the unique, mid-east based style of percussion, seasoned by performing with such talents as Jaidra Durant of Niad, Steve Atkins, Musik Karadeniz, and Valentine Wolfe among others. He has also in years past help to facilitate multiple drum circles, including the DragonCon circle that features over 20 drummers. In recent years, Marcus has taken his talent to the internet, hosting his own youtube channel, as well as instagram page.

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