Mystic Tribal

We are Mystic Tribal. We are a fusion belly dance troupe, from Waynesville NC that was formed in 2017 we love to fuse belly dance with different types of music and get a little theatrical, but also love the traditional folkloric dances.


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Photo Cred: Brent Earnest

Moonship Performing Arts

Moonship Performing Arts is a group of artists from Western North Carolina who believe that performance arts are essential to life, community and happiness. Moonship was born from our shared love of dance, collaboration and all things left of center. We are likeminded members of the Boone Belly Dance Collective, committed to inclusivity and sharing our joy of dance and performance!


Photo Cred: Elle Arlette designed the Moonship Performing Arts Logo

Lucy Risqué

Lucy Risqué is the Saint of Debauchery and Angel of Mischief. She excites, teases, and indulges in an abundance of pleasure. This traveling performer will keep you yearning for more. She’s a true wonder in a petite, sexy package!


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Lorraine Hardman

My aerial journey began after having my first child and wanting to get back in shape; I had no gymnastics or dance background at all but when I saw them practicing I knew I had to try it. 11 years later I’m still training, performing and instructing at Air Born Aerial Fitness. Silks have always been my first love but, loops come in a close second. I cross train on all apparatuses and love a challenge with any unique apparatus I may get a chance to work on. Aerial is a huge part of my life and I love taking advantage of any opportunity to perform what I love. I’m now a mother of two lovely children who are also beginning their journey in aerial arts.

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Photo Cred: Pamela Evans

Lori Lee Kelley

Lori Lee Kelley is an unstoppable force, both for circus arts and her community. This led her to found the non-profit circus school Cirq-U, which is now celebrating it’s 5th year. Though she came to circus arts later in life after a career in competing and teaching gymnastics, this grandmother to 6 has no intention of slowing down. In addition to her aerial skills, she is also a talented fire performer & fire breather.



Leena is a lifelong dancer, starting with tap and ballet at age 3, progressing to pointe and lyrical in her early teenage years. She discovered belly dance in 2016 and is a multi-faceted dancer, trained by many different instructors, including Nayna, Serena, Naima Sultana, and Satya Jvala, across many different styles of belly dance. A former member of the Raq-a-bellas and 1/2 of the duo known as Seleena, Leena continued dancing thru the darkness in her kitchen until she felt it was time to rise up on her own. She is also an aerialist in training and has been known to play with fire, in addition to teaching her own belly dance classes.


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Lea Geddie

Lea is a UI designer by day and an aerial performer and instructor by later in the day. Based out of Durham NC, Lea first discovered her love of performing as a dancer, training in multiple disciplines for 18 years. Six years ago she stumbled across an aerial sling class and has been totally obsessed ever since. Four years ago she became an instructor and is so excited to share her love for all things fabric with the students at Pura Vida Studio in Cary, NC. When she’s not in the air you’ll probably catch her drinking way too much coffee and snuggling with her two cats.

Photo Cred: @smapp (Slater Mapp)


Lady Laura

My name is Lady Laura. I’ve been bellydancing for over 7 years. I was born and raised in New Jersey. Moved to Charlotte when I was 15 years old. I took classes with Nayna Bellydance, Gypsy Spirit Tribe co-founder Farasha, and had classes with European dancers named Jasirah, and Jamilah. Had taken several workshops as well. I love entertaining the audience with my art. Bellydancing always been my passion since I was a child.


Photo Cred: George Benjamin Photography


Katy has been apart of the aerial community in Charlotte for 6 years and is so excited to be performing on silks once again. They are currently an undergraduate student at UNC Charlotte majoring in Religious studies and minoring in Chinese. She loves getting to pursue both her creative and academic interests. Katy can’t wait to perform on silks again and be performing at Bloom for the first time.

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Photo Cred: @lunahzon