Taisir has been teaching and performing Bellydance since 2005. She is influenced mostly by Cabaret and Theatrical styles. As a teacher, she focuses on building a love of dance through fun and encouragement. She currently resides in Jacksonville, FL and dances with Sisters of Sekhmet, but as Co-Owner of Studio 505 in Sylva, travels often to NC. Taisir is excited to be part of Bloom for a third time!

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Sylva Shimmy Squad

Sylva Shimmy Squad is SO happy to be performing at Bloom. Under the guidance of Crys, dancers practice SharQui fitness bellydance weekly to grow in body, heart, and mind. All SharQui Workout classes are designed for every level of dancer. Dancers performing at Bloom range in experience from just FOUR months to 13+ years and everywhere in between. Celebrating in movement, community, self love, and all the jiggly bits, welcome Mary, Brooke, Shay, Kim, and Crys




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Spectre grew up on a farm in Snow Hill, MD, and trained classical ballet and pointe at Salisbury Academy of Dance and Eastern Shore Ballet Theatre from a young age. Her dedication to the art led her to East Carolina University, where she fell in love with modern dance and first began choreographing her own work while completing a degree in dance performance. This lifelong passion for movement reached new heights when she first came across aerial dance in 2015. Spectre quickly attained skill and fluidity on lyra, straps, and rope, but her first and deepest love continues to be her darling silks.

No matter the movement medium, Spectre’s style is characterized by an uncanny ability to seemingly slow and thicken time itself as she stretches and spindles her limbs into endless, elegant lines. The power and sheer technical polish of her methodical movements gives her performances a hypnotic, unearthly quality, whether she is racking her arms into wings on the ground or recreating the classic, balletic shapes of The Swan weightlessly in the air.

Since moving to Charlotte, Spectre has performed with a whole host of dance companies, including Kinetic Works, THE MARK, and Taproot CLT performing arts ensemble. She has glitzed up the Charlotte Hornets’ halftimes as a Hive Flyer company aerialist and she has graced the stages of festivals including Loose Leaves, BOOM Charlotte, Charlotte Dance Festival, Charlotte New Music Festival, Bloom, Asheville Fringe Arts Festival, and LadyfestCLT. In addition to her prolific performing career in Charlotte, Spectre also teaches aerial silks to eager students at her home studio of Aerial CLT.



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Sobe Wan

Sobe is a modern-day renaissance woman with bachelor’s degree in sculpture and performance. Having been a visual artist her entire life, she pursued movement and performance through fire, flow, and circus arts in her 20’s. Throughout her creative career she has taken every opportunity to learn and share the skills she has acquired including stage makeup, costume/character creation, choreography, backstage managing, and is currently part of The Voice Project Circus. When she isn’t training, Sobe continues working creatively with her hands in clay, glass, metal, painting, and prop fabrication.

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Sarah Rose

Sarah Rose has been playing with hoop for the past 5 years and can’t wait to share the stage with some amazing people at Bloom. The song chosen for this year is another one that’s been rambling around her mind for awhile. She can’t wait to showcase her piece featuring her beautiful light-up hoop again.

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Gifted with a mercurial presence, Sable can fill a room with bone-deep dolor, glitteringest charm, or visceral malevolence with the turn of a wrist. Her work is omnivorous in its interests, most often drawing from deep oceans of personal memory, invented mythologies, and an obsession with movement theory. Her creations speak to those who appreciate the duality of beauty and violence that colors human existence.

From her home base in Charlotte, Sable has created and shown work in all kinds of spaces and conditions. When she isn’t twirling in the air or twisting herself around on the ground, Sable reads tarot, poses for photos and drawings, and sews feathers onto everything she possibly can. She also offers workshops and private lessons at Bloom Movement Artistry, specializing in spinning, transition work and composition on her beloved hoop.



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Olivia has been practicing and performing aerial for more than four years and is excited for her first Bloom performance. Her circus journey began through a close friend and fellow aerialist’s recommendation to help build strength and discover a new workout. Since then, aerial has become one of her passions and she now trains on lyra, trapeze, silks, and sling! Olivia loves graceful movement in the air, and will be performing on lyra to one of her favorite songs that she feels shows her growth in life and love. In addition to aerial, she enjoys theatre, animals, gardening, volunteering, and spending time with her family, friends, and fiancé.



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