Gifted with a mercurial presence, Sable can fill a room with bone-deep dolor, glitteringest charm, or visceral malevolence with the turn of a wrist. Her work is omnivorous in its interests, most often drawing from deep oceans of personal memory, invented mythologies, and an obsession with movement theory. Her creations speak to those who appreciate the duality of beauty and violence that colors human existence.

From her home base in Charlotte, Sable has created and shown work in all kinds of spaces and conditions. When she isn’t twirling in the air or twisting herself around on the ground, Sable reads tarot, poses for photos and drawings, and sews feathers onto everything she possibly can. She also offers workshops and private lessons at Bloom Movement Artistry, specializing in spinning, transition work and composition on her beloved hoop.


Photo Cred: @photoartoftec

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