Kat Saxon

Kat Saxon is a dance trapeze artist with a passion for act creation and choreography. The single point trapeze has been and always will be her one true aerial love. She enjoys inverting, twisting and turning in the ropes, balancing on the bar, and spinning to her heart’s content. Choreographing pieces and improvising to any music that moves her is where she feels she shines at her brightest. She enjoys exploring other apparatus as well, including lyra and or sling. Her work revolves around “embodying her inner badass” with the hopes of inspiring audiences with what spectators have called “vulnerable and electrifying” aerial acts.

Kat has been training in the aerial arts since 2012. Coming from Athens, Georgia, she began thriving amongst the trapeze masters at Canopy Studio. She has many Canopy teachers to thank such as The Schmidt sisters, Amy and Katie, Lauren Pauls, Melissa Wilson as well as Melissa Roberts. It was there she was able to truly cultivate her movement quality and felt free enough to experiment with her movement and collaborate openly and widely with other aerialists she grew to love. She then moved to Atlanta, Georgia to branch out further into the aerial community where she met Nicole Mermans, owner and creator of The D’air Project, and took the plunge into developing her skills as a performer and an instructor.

She has been coaching since 2016, with a Nimble Arts Teacher Training Certification and really enjoys teaching private lessons, group classes and mapping out choreography. Overall aiding students in unlocking parts of themselves they never knew existed, much like what her instructors have done for her, is her top priority as a coach. When she is not teaching, you can find her performing with companies around Atlanta, Georgia such as Dames of Flame and the D’air Project. When she’s not in the air, you will find her stuffing her face with French pastries and drip coffee from the bakery down the street, or simply hoping to make whoever’s listening have a good laugh.




Photo Cred: @gollerchris

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