Firuza / Roses of the Realm

Dance has taken over Firuza’s life in all the best ways. Over 15 years ago, she took a single bellydance class at a local YMCA, and the obsession has grown ever since then. Her favorite dances have an edge of danger, particularly sword-balancing and fire-dancing.

Performing with the Roses of the Realm is a dream come true for Firuza, and she looks forward every year to “gypsy bootcamp” and bringing a smile to festival-goers’ faces.

Currently, Firuza teaches belly dance classes in Salisbury, NC. Her classes focus on encouraging dancers to express themselves. She believes that this dance is for everyone – all shapes and sizes. Firuza previously performed with Nayna’s Raq-A-Bellas troupe and Fatima’s Rhythmic Essence troupe.


Photo Cred: Robert Schade

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