My name is Cécile Ognodo and I am originally from Togo, West Africa. I discovered aerial arts in 2019 at Alabama theater. The artist who took my breath away was a man who performed on silks. I was smitten and fast forward to now, it has turned into my outlet. During the course of my training, I ventured into Lyra and felt safer with duo acts. However, when it came down to maneuvering the apparatus independently, I feared spinning. Twirling while transitioning from one skill to the next was extremely daunting. Let’s just say that I had a love and hate relationship with Lyra.
That fear slowly dissipated after meeting Katie, my instructor aka the Lyra whisperer. Cheers to transitioning from trepidation to blooming into bloom efflorescence for the first time with my beloved “Lyra”.

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