Amustela prides herself on being a “classic” example of the American Belly Dancer. She has been a lifelong dancer in many forms of dance, and has been involved in the study and performance of Middle Eastern Dance for over 25 years. She has studied many types of Middle Eastern dance and has faithfully brought them together in the style of the American restaurant show. Firmly grounded in Egyptian cabaret technique and Turkish oriental, her repertoire includes dramatic veil, skillful sword, finger cymbals, floor work and cane. All of these fun and expressive components, flow seamlessly from one number to the next, yet still preserving the unique magic of each part Her career has taken her from the world of nightclubs, to competitions, to master instructor and historical lecturer of the art. She has taught at all of the major festivals and events in the eastern United States and is an award winning competition veteran. Amustela has been the recipient of numerous rewards and honors for performance, instruction, and choreography. She also has been sought after for film projects, show productions and dance instruction nationwide.

Photo Cred: StereoVision Photography

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