The Alchemist and the Oracle

From a young age I have always spent the majority of my time in awe of nature and the wonders that it creates. From the tiniest flowers to huge mountain ranges, I have always been inspired by the land, and I aim to share its wondrous beauty with those around me through sculpting, painting, drawing, tarot, and witchcraft. I am an experienced tarot reader, a natural intuitive, a practicing witch, and an old soul. As a tarot reader, I facilitate honest guidance from the spirits that are all around us while maintaining the grounded wisdom of Earthly experience. As an artist, I aim to celebrate the magick of the natural world. I am particularly fond of my Polymer Clay talismans that are wearable art that represent the beauty of magic and the natural world. Each piece is as unique and one-of-a-kind as the individuals that wear them. I believe that the body is an altar and that adornment is a spiritual practice that spirals outward.

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