Luna Finn

“A North Carolina native and California transplant, Luna Finn was always considered a wanderer of sorts. So, it came as no surprise when she announced she would be running away with the circus. As a young adult, Luna moved from place to place in search of finding a spot she belonged. After travelling across the United States four times, living in five different states, and moving nine times, the one thing that consistently followed her was circus.

After discovering aerial dance at Burning Man in 2010, Luna diligently studied as many apparatuses as she could get her hands on, but found her true love in fabric. Her adoration for tissu and hammock has taken her into many different facets of the circus world, but her passion is centered in developing a healthy, inclusive community through teaching and performing.

Luna lives for the ‘ah-ha’ moments she witnesses through her students as well as the ‘ah-ha’ moments that her students give to her. Her mantra is that there are no wrong answers to fabric, only possibilities. Often you will hear her say “that was A THING, just not THE THING.”

As a performer and choreographer, Luna is partial to hair flips, dramatic moments, and interesting pathways. A theory-based artist who is always looking for the path least traveled, creating fabric witchcraft that leaves the audience open-mouthed in wonder.

Luna is a strong advocate for mental health, in circus as well as her personal life. She attributes much of her success to the overwhelming support she receives from her partner, Jaymes, and her ESA pupperoni Akira. She also enjoys food, nature, travel, and painting.”
IG: @luna.finn”

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