Niad Dance Company Student Troupe

The niad dance company student troupe is a dedicated group of advanced student dancers under the direction of Jaidra DuRant. Niad strives to honor the roots of MENAHT dance while seeking artistic wings through transnational and theatrical fusion.

Troupe dances are choreographed by Jaidra and developed for the stage with a focus on artistic, creative, and fun performance pieces. The troupe performs a variety of numbers in a wide range of styles, from folkloric fusion to sword dance, character based 20’s homage dances to veil and skirt group pieces, throw in a drum solo, and it’s a dance show anyone will love to watch. Niad dancers balance baskets and trays, swing swords and canes, spin skirts and silk veils, and are always excited to dance for a crowd. The student troupe performs locally, throughout the upstate, for community events, haflas, and festivals.

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